Not using a Home Stager is like leaving money on the table in the sale of a home.​ Why? Because in today’s real estate market home buyers have the expectation of the “model home” and are willing to pay more for it.

Professional staging increases the perceived value of the home, helps it sell faster and for more money. According to NAR's 2019 report, over 83% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged.

It works because Home Stagers are not emotionally attached to an owner’s personal belongings, enabling us to work quickly and easily. It’s all about editing furniture and accessories to eliminate any strong personal identity for potential buyers.

Occupied Home Staging/ ​Walk & Talk Consultations

No two homes are the same, so I approach Occupied Staging with a customized plan to fit that home’s needs utilizing the FEEL HOME Philosophy. My goal and focus is to give the key rooms in the home a makeover, which will result in a faster and more profitable sale.

  • All home stagings begin with a Walk and Talk Consultation, designed for homeowners who plan to live in their home while having it listed for sale. I will consult directly with the homeowner(s) on how to maximize the home’s potential while making suggestions on how to prepare it for sale. We’ll discuss what to pack, what to use, what to change, how to maximize space, etc. We also decide on the placement of furniture, accessories, artwork, and more throughout the home. By completing all of these important tasks, you’re sure to have the property looking its absolute best!
  • Most of the suggestions I make utilize existing furnishings and cost no money to implement.
  • A detailed Staging Report is included and provided upon request for the homeowner (and realtor where applicable). Some homeowners prefer to capture their own notes from the Walk & Talk – whatever makes the most sense for the client.
  • If additional decor is needed to complete the staging look, I offer accessory rentals to clients who need to supplement decor items throughout their home. I’ll create a customized rental package based on the home’s needs with easy rental terms.
  • Consultation options vary depending on the home’s square footage, location and sale price. I make the most appropriate suggestions based on these factors, as they will affect the demographics for the potential buyers in your area.
  • If more than the standard 2-hour Walk & Talk time or staging help is needed, I can customize an Occupied Home Staging Package for you. My goal is to ensure the home looks amazing and appeals to buyers! I want you to sell the home for maximum ROI.

What does a Professional Home Stager do?

Home Staging is the preparation of a home to sell by a professional who specializes in this form of design and has been certified and trained on the art of home staging. A professional home stager can objectively view the home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws.

How much does it cost?​

For as little as a couple hundred dollars, you can have a detailed list of suggestions to maximize the value of the home. Partnering with an HSR Certified stager will net the seller on average 10% more in a home sales price!


Why can't I just stage my own home?

Statistics show that after we’ve lived in our homes for two years, we no longer see its flaws or are capable of viewing it objectively. A professional home stager is an impartial, third-party person who is not emotionally attached to the home and can provide recommendations on all areas of a property that require attention – including areas that need repair, items that need updating or organizing, and items that should be replaced. That’s where I can help you get the greatest return on your largest investment.

Can't home buyers use their imagination and look past my decor?

We want buyers to make the transition of logically deciding to visit your home (because it fits their size/location criteria) to emotionally seeing themselves and their family living in the home. Only a small portion of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home. However, according to NAR (National Association of Realtors), almost a third of buyers will “overlook property faults when a home is professionally staged”. Leaving a home in ‘as is’ condition will only help sell the competition. Why leave money on the table when a relatively minimal investment with Julie Ann Interiors can make all the difference?