The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.​
~Chinese Proverb

Do you want to live in a comfortable, serene space? I help create environments that enable you to live, work and relax exactly as you want to in an efficient, stylish space that suits your needs. My organizing and decluttering services include:

  • Gentle guidance on editing your items – keeping only what you love, use and need
  • Creating flow, space and visual appeal
  • Achieving new usefulness and efficiency in your home
  • Teaching simple, systematic ways to maintain an orderly balance in your home for the long haul

Enjoy organized closets, cupboards, storage areas and catch-all places – saving you both time and money. Watch my videos below where I walk you through how to organize various spaces in your home.



Kitchen Organization Tips

Utility/Laundry Room Organization Tips

Bathroom Organization Tips

Excerpts from Organize Now!​​​​

​by Jennifer Ford Berry

New things enter our lives on a daily basis and if we’re not careful, can quickly become clutter. You know clutter is a bad thing, but did you ever stop to think about all of its negative effects?​​​​​

The Cost of Clutter:

  • It causes you to feel overwhelmed or depressed.
  • It robs you of your energy.
  • It steals 50 percent of your storage space.
  • It makes life harder – by making you look longer, travel farther and dig deeper to find what you’re looking for.
  • It takes longer to clean.
  • It costs you money. If you can’t find what you need, you will have to buy a replacement. Or, you may be paying to store your clutter.
  • It makes it hard to think straight.
  • It may affect how you feel about yourself – you may be self-conscious or feel guilty about your clutter.
  • It can affect your relationships, as you may feel ashamed and be less likely to invite friends or family for visits.
  • It takes away the peace and beauty from a home.

Once your outer environment is clean and clear, you can focus on nurturing your inner environment and spending more time with the ones you love.

Whether we realize it or not, we have a relationship with everything we own. Each possession connects us with specific people, events or seasons in our lives. Deciding what to toss means connecting with each object, confronting its place in our life and deciding what to do with it.

Maybe you need help getting rid of your clutter. You need a change agent in your life. Face your fear or shame of someone seeing your cluttered home.