Has it been more than 3 years since you updated your style?

Are you embarrassed to open your home to others because it’s unfinished?

Does the mere thought of decorating give you anxiety?

Your home is the backdrop of your life. It tells a personal story and it’s my goal to ensure ​your home tells your story.

If you have a vision or idea of what you want, I simply help bring it to life.

If you have no idea where to start, I can provide images and design concepts to consider, explaining why certain things work well together and how they would play with your existing décor.

I will seek to understand your likes and dislikes, passions and desired functions for each space. Through this understanding, we can translate who you are into your surroundings.

I’d love to take the intimidation and fear out of decorating for you and promise to make it fun in the process!

Decorating Services